Mcgovern Centennial Garden

This is one of my absolute favorite places to photograph at. You'll see many options around this area such as the beautiful pavilions, the rose garden and much more!

Permit fee required ($136.00) But it is so worth it

Boulevard Oaks

Another one of my favorites! This is located in the popular boulevard oaks neighborhood. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and classic styled houses.

(No permit fee required)

The Creative Chateau

A stunning classic and elegant change from the outdoor only scenary . Check out all of the room options on their instagram page. We can get photos in the main room you choose along with the beautiful staircase and the front of the chateau outside.

(Rental fee can be about $100 for the hour for weekdays. or $125 for weekends)

River Oaks Garden Club

One of the most beautiful places to photograph. I would check out more images on google. It is absoulutely perfect for engagements and bridal sessions.

($100 per hour with a two hour minimum)

The Star Downtown

The architecture at this building is stunning! we can do a lot of outdoor photos and indoor elevator images if wanted.

(No permit fee required)

Rooftop Location

Located in downtown Houston.

(No permit fee required, but parking garage charges $12 a vehicle.)

Downtown Houston

This is always fun! We can do a lot of walking and running images around the city,

Sabine Street bridge

(Not my photo above)

This is a very popular area around the city for engagement sessions. Check it out on google for more images.

(No permit fee required)

Mercer Botanical Gardens

Located in the Humble/Spring area, this location is very poplar. Gorgeous flowers and plants surrounds the park with long walkways. It is not as beautiful as Mcgovern, but it is a good backup.

No permit fee required.

East End Park

Located in the Kingwood area, This park consists of open fields, lots of trees, and gorgeous light.

( No permit required)

Rice University

The light comes through gorgeous campus. Lovett Hall is the best hall there to capture!

($50.00 Permit fee)

The Oak Atelier

Located in the Conroe area, this studio has beautiful rooms to rent! The photo above shows "The Willow" you can check out more photos and rental rates on their instagram page and website.

( Rental rates vary by room)

Houston Police memorial

A beautiful Houston location with a skyline view!

(No permit fee required)

Sam Houston Monument at Herman Park

(No permit fee required)

The Studio HTX

Located near Minute Maid park .

$55/$75 hourly rate


Supurb Studios

Such a gorgeous location, this space has two rooms you can choose from.

Rates range from $65+ an hour

Other Options

There are a lot more options we can check out! a few other places I think would be a wonderful choice would be. Google the locations to see more photos of the locations!

-Other Houston indoor studios

I am also available for destination engagement ideas.